Your Simple Weekly Planning System to Get Back More Time in Your Life.


It's about doing what's important!

With This Simple Guide, You Will Be Able To...

  • Plan and complete your most important tasks with ease
  • Know exactly what to work on and when, decreasing your daily stress and feeling of overwhelm
  • Prioritize time for yourself, guilt-free
  • Focus on hitting your biggest goals faster
  • Create open space in your day to be present with family

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Hi there! I’m Tina Salisbury

As a busy mom of five kids with a career and other interests I love and pursue, I know what it's like to try to do "all the things" only to feel completely depleted and exhausted at the end of the day.

I finally stopped waiting for work/life balance to happen "someday" and created an easy system that helped me be more focused and productive while also calming the chaos of being a mom to five active kids! This exact system has helped me create a more peaceful and purpose-filled life for me and my family.

I've created this guide to share the exact steps I take each week to plan out my schedule and plan our week. Now you can also implement this simple 5 step process so that each week you get to say YES to all the things you love! I promise as you follow these steps consistently each week, not only will you feel more focused and productive, but you will find more time to be present with your family and wake up looking forward to each day ahead.

So what do you say? Are you ready to TAKE BACK YOUR TIME?

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